Montana Wolf

Monday, January 4, 2010

Dalai Lama: "The world will be saved by Western woman."

I(and myriad bloggers)have been pondering just what the Dalai Lama implied when he threw the world into a tizzy with his "western woman" comment. I wondered if it wasn't because we (western women) have higher socio-economic resources and, albeit scant, political power to affect change. I guess it depends upon your definition of power, because many Grandmothers and medicine people of ancient cultures have far more power in the spiritual sense. And this Grand Shift that is under way is nothing if not spiritual. The healers I speak of act upon the power that women possess in their relationship with the cycles of the earth and moon, as well as the wisdom of the changing seasons. The inherent wisdom of the 28-day cycle within our womb. I have to wonder if the unbalance upon this planet began when the menstrual/moon calendar was replaced by the Julian calendar (25 BC). That this primal disconnection wasn't the beginning of the death of feminine respect, and self-respect. The answer probably doesn't matter that much. What matters is taking the knowledge we now possess and applying it to the evolution that is under way. This isn't about going back.

The preservation of the wild is rooted in women's respect for the cycles, both within her body and those of the earth and seasons. It is no accident that when Carole Summer and I conducted Moon Lodges several years ago, which instructed women in the lessons of her cycle...that once women learned about and respected their blood their infertility problems ceased and they found themselves pregnant.

Now that the wild earth is in jeopardy doesn't it make sense to integrate ancient wisdom with current breath?

A year before the pumas appeared before me I happened upon my first grizzly bear in the Purcell Wilderness of British Colombia. There were four of us above timber line. It was another "coming around the corner" experience. Momma Griz and her two cubs about 30 yards below us. We with no cover and that pregnant moment when she glanced up, saw us and ascertained her threat. (We KNEW OUR threat level, should she decide to charge.) I could not take my eyes off of her splendor, not even to snap a picture. I felt some private communication as she stared, turned her cubs away and followed them down the mountain away from us. As if to say, "Take in the grandeur. Taste this wild. I'll let you live if you DO something about it."

Just what kind of woman-power was the Dalai Lama referring to? What powers must we call forth in order to return the earth to balance? Nothing less than brilliant imagination is called for.


  1. I've been wondering myself why the Dali Lama thought it would be the western women. Perhaps it is because we have the luxury of time here. I know, there are days when I want to scream for my lack of time, but compared to a woman in a third world country who works 12-14 hours a day and cares for numerous children, I have the luxury of time. Time to read and reflect. Time to ponder and plan. Time to call, write, and organize. Yes, we have the luxury of time.

  2. and we don't have to walk three miles to collect water in a plastic water jug or clay pot...