Montana Wolf

Friday, January 15, 2010

It's tha Woman Rumble

A mighty wind blows outside the door. Cogency alludes me as new moon holds hands with a solar eclipse. All the candlelight, crystals and sweet grass I can muster don't touch her. She says the dishes will be the most important thing I do today. She reminds me to skim the fat off the half-done chicken soup, adjust the spices, set to simmer and hunker down.

I asked for a dream and received a vision of my soul-sister dying. I turned on the computer and accidentally erased ALL emails. This new year new moon is one riled bitch. Headlights pierced my window at midnight as Peggy departed, suitcase in hand, leaving her cursing husband; one state away a friend set flame to old journals.

Just two weeks remain of winter's deep dark. Two weeks to empty the INBOX. Clear a space for the unknown to drop in. Set soul-full sail into blessed unrest. As if we had a choice.

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