Montana Wolf

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I traveled on new moon Sunday two hours to Kingman, AZ to look at a trailer I thought was ‘it’ but ‘it’ wasn’t. Too sloppy and way over-priced. That met I was Yuma-bound. A three-hour drive with girlfriend Johanna to look at three rigs I’d lined up from Craig’s list. I was one week from closing on Tortuga. Time was running out and Yuma was the market I’d yet to tap. We arrived at 9:00 a.m.; then I stepped aside and let the universe work the turn signals.

Trailer one was not it. To bland. The second appointment took us east to Foothills. The trailer was gorgeous but too heavy to pull with my Toyota Tacoma truck. I missed a turn going back to the interstate (be aware of ‘missed turns) and came upon a "Park and Sell" lot where owners must stay with their RV’s to sell them. I found a trailer I liked a lot. A little old lady rig with a retro can opener and kitschy paper plate dispenser hanging from under a cupboard. It had a slide out with a couch. Very nice but my body held back and well, I trusted my body.

On we went, passed by another park-and-sell in favor of an RV lot that advertised free lunch. About 15 RVs later we returned to the trailer with the avocado green can opener. There I sat; trying to imagine myself inside. It was nearly 4:00, our departure time in order to return home before dark. “Let’s go to the other park-and-sell lot,” I said. The one we’d skipped that morning.

I drove in, rounded a corner and saw her immediately. A small, new 19-foot Fleetwood Pioneer. One step inside and I knew---a beautiful walk around queen bed on the right, dinette, kitchen and bathroom on the left. Linoleum (easy clean) floor. And a place for Teak to sleep and not be underfoot. “Is this yours?” I asked a handsome albeit harried looking man. He’d just taped the price to the window. A price that numerologically equaled 3. My birth number.

When the universe goes click she does so with gusto. Two negotiation rounds and she was mine as interested parties swarmed her. My personal check was okay with Lynn upon a call to my credit union to confirm funds; and I took the trailer without title which was in his home in Salt Lake City. Lynn and wife had not planned to sell but fell in love with a 5th wheel. They were trading up; me down. They’d just moved out the previous day, cleaned the trailer and had arrived at the sell lot just ten minutes before me.

Too late to travel, Johanna and I dry camped in the lot where Lynn was parked. My cell phone was near dead (no charger…wasn’t planning on an overnight). I used my black cotton bikini underwear as a washcloth to shower and dried with paper napkins. Johanna and I shared a 59-cent toothbrush and a Vidal Sasson hair brush that was waaay over-priced. Too tired to go out we sprung for apples, a cooked chicken, a loaf of pumpernickel bread and a bottle of scotch. My first meal in the little Kasbah as we toasted our success!

It took awhile to rest the adrenaline and fall towards slumber on the heavenly custom-made bed. Tortuga the motorhome was sold; the trailer was secured and six days remained before closing. I was pure exhaustion and exhilaration. “Oh gawd! Did I lock the truck?” Johanna and I laid there and contemplated the question and simultaneously broke into hysterical laughter. Goddess help the guy who drove off with US in the back of a trailer.

The new moon crescent floats like a smile above the jagged rock peaks. I know she’d wink if she could. High five an initiation well done. I’d negotiated the slots and followed the signs in an unnerving series of moves. Now I would follow that waxing moon towards spring.


  1. Great story, Christina! I appreciate your gusto, and positive belief in goddess--showing your signs.
    Love the underware as washcloth and your zen meal!
    Great to connect with you!
    Enjoy your new vehicle--a gift from the gods!!
    Peace, Kate