Montana Wolf

Friday, May 21, 2010

Snip. No Tethers.

The Rio Grande
Chama River
Coyote Creek
Blanca River
San Juan
Cat Creek

I departed Taos; left behind adobe walls framed with apricot blossoms, splintered window frames of faded turquoise, horse pastures of peace in the middle of town. I drove across the Rio Grande Gorge bridge steeped in memory of my pilgrimage into the Sangre de Cristo's and my homecoming with Grandmother Tree. Her advice: don't rush. Don't push the river. I'd been doing just that. Squeezing my brain cells for answers to the discontent that roiled around inside. I didn't need to worry. Metaphor gushed from spring thaw in the southern Rockies. Snow melt, overflowing ditches, impromptu streams of riled waters. The forces of nature combined and surrounded me as I traveled west towards Mancos and frozen energies let loose.

Devil Creek
Piedra River
Saul's Creek

One by one I crossed their cold wetness. I was Mancos-bound on May 10. Mercury, ruler of communications and travel, came out of retrograde the next day; added cosmic heat to the energies of thaw. Five days later I gave 3 weeks notice on my job and made plans for a pilgrimage to British Colombia and Alaska. Christina unleashed.

I am unbearably excited; I am paralyzed, at times, with fear when I think of money. Or lack of. But the constant faith in this decision holds firm. Something unexplainable is at the helm. It's called the soul and I need to stay out of her way.

Los Pinos
Dry Creek
Florida River
The Animas

Huge cosmic shifts are set to occur this summer, especially from June 26-August 21st, sparking volatility in the earth, weather, personal relationships, political and economic realms. "Be careful out there," writes my sister-friend Carole as I load the trailer and prepare to depart for her home in Kaslo, BC. Tensions begin to heat up June 5th but I find it fascinating that the day of my departure, new moon on June 12th, is the only easy time predicted for this time period. June 12-18th is relegated as a good travel window.

Lightner Creek
Cherry Creek.
The precious Mancos River.

Three weeks and counting. I need to make an appointment with the vet for Teak's certificate of good health for the Canadian border crossing. The list grows.


  1. "Snip. No Tethers." The title makes my stomach drop. You paint with such vivid color, Christina. I look forward to following your trail as you move up into that country I would love to see but probably will not, but through your ~words~ ...
    Travel safely, my friend.

  2. come on baby, drive north... with the self you love...