Montana Wolf

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sept 1st
Moseyed across the Yukon and B.C. Found beautiful places to boondock two nights in a row, thrilled to be back with interior forests---aspen in full color, black spruce, poplar. Autumn...YES.

I arrived Liard Hot Springs late morning, my only planned stop along the way to Kaslo. It served up a forested camping spot and hot water in a lush wild setting for $21. Yep. Died and went to heaven. Gorged on popcorn cooked in olive oil and provolone cheese for dinner. I was in NO-meal-making-mode, as I've been since I left Juneau. No shopping either. Hadn't come close to a store.

Rufous-backed and boreal chickadees, thrush, yellow warblers, rufous-crowned sparrow, and Canada Goose, which look much more sleek and wild in their home habitat. An honest to god thunderstorm crashed down from the sky that night; rainbows and a covey of spruce grouse (new sighting!). Sable brown, gentle birds who walked the mossy ground with no concern of me. They didn't bolt. Their MO.

I cut the plastic ties on the awning that Ron had affixed and let her down for the first time ever. Teak and I sat outside in the rain. A candle burned on the table. I, deep into Paco Taibo's "Leonardo's Bicycle," with a glass of Dubonnet.

I soaked three tims in one day. Slept ten hours that night. I debated whether or not to stay two nights but decided no...the road awaited. I realize that I bird to be surprised. Just as I write to be surprised. It's the same with road trips. Or may be it's just that I choose to BE suprised no matter what I do. Awestruck. Yes.

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