Montana Wolf

Monday, December 20, 2010

Migration Maximus

So here I am in Naco, a teeny town on the border south of Bisbee. It's the home of one of my dearest friends, Emilie. We're making fun forays across the border and enjoying fires outside at night. (Carrying around my fire pit is one of the smartest things I have ever done...everyone thirsts for a fire!) I've been preparing for the Winter Solstice, which is my celebration of the season...a distant second to Christmas. This year solstice is joined by a full moon. And as if that weren't intense enough, there is a full moon eclipse tonight shortly after midnight. Eclipses signal huge change. The last one to occur at 29 degrees Gemini was 18.5 years ago. If you want to get some idea of what tonight's has in store go back to that point in time. I was on my land at Dancing Raven, finishing my cabin in the midst of my five year retreat.Clearing away trash.

I digress. My solstice ritual began last night with a trip to Whitewater Draw to view thousands of wintering sand hill cranes. Em and I took cameras and binoculars and immersed ourselves in the primal calls of the prehistoric birds. There were shovelers and pintails and songbirds and owls as this place served up one orgasmic, sunset-tangerine scene after another. I came home so full I bypassed another fire in favor of a shower and my head upon the pillow. Before I slumbered, however, I read a piece on the upcoming eclipse. Note, I am not an astrologer. I probably know enough to be dangerous. But I do enjoy reading the wisdom of those in the know. Thus the information on the 29 degrees; and the clarification that change may come suddenly or gradually over the next few days or weeks.

I went to sleep and woke up with one of the most mind-blowing, spirit-rousing dreams of my life. Short version: I injected myself with a clear liquid from a vial and said goodbye to this world. I was serene, confident and fully ready to leave this reality and cross over into another. I awoke with a jolt, intrigued and edgy. Context: I've been asking for a sign...clarification of my next work as I enter my 60's, open to new opportunities and portals. Reality: be careful what you ask for.

The eclipse is tonight. I'm set to leave for Mexico on Saturday to winter on the beach. My friend Carole just sent me an article on the weather intensities of 2010.
My friend Ron, as in Alaska Ron who introduced me wild SE Alaska this past summer, is due to arrive in a couple of days to join the caravan of friends to Kino Bay. And every chance she gets my dog Teak jumps up on the bed to sleep and she KNOWS she's not supposed to be there. Birds tweet. Coyotes yip. Another friend has cancer. And I repeat, the eclipse is tonight.

I think I'll find the darkest solstice long shadow and hide there for awhile. But the dreams, they always find us, don't they?


  1. 18.5 years ago I had just moved to Taos. I had opened a new business, was trying to find a place to live, and, was figuring out if I wanted to stay married to my 2nd ex-husband... GEEZ...

  2. interesting stuff, eh? this one's going to unleash some huge stuff!