Montana Wolf

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sixty, Sexy, Sacred

I sit under heaven at dawn. The sky is indigo blue. All that remains of a vast carpet of nocturnal dazzle is Venus and the waning crescent moon. Nighthawk's raspy call serrates the air amidst an avian opera of cactus wrens mockingbirds curve-billed thrashers Inca white-winged rock collared turtle doves. Oh, and the screechy peacocks down the street. I enjoy a fire before the wind kicks up - which will be around 10:00 if I'm lucky and it waits that long - when the sky will fill with dust and smoke and an Armageddon touch.

We create our own sublime.

I am only too aware of the fragile tether that binds me to this earth as the personal soul seeks convergence with the planetary soul. This is an excruciatingly intense time. The prophecies of 2012 speak of a grand energetic transition under a cosmic conjunction of planetary line-ups and Milky Way events. I prefer to think of it as soul integration. With evolutionary transitions come chaos. A culling is underway. The past few months have exploded in revolutionary fervor on behalf of human freedom; we have witnessed mass destruction and weather events that the darkest of imaginations could not have dreamed up. Tsunamis, earthquakes, nuclear meltdowns, super tornadoes, floods, blizzards. The earth shakes and quakes. Yet, the hare saunters down the stony railroad bed. The roadrunner comes to the bowl of water I have placed for the birds; part of the little outdoor sanctuary I have created in my tiny corner of the world.

It is important that we clear our lives of dead zones. Rid our lives of those things (and people) of low vibration. Pare away stale energy and build a core of fresh. I start with my body, because it's the one thing that I have control over. Taking care of her prepares me for the spiritual tasks at hand; and so I give priority to healthy foods that maximize the body's energy, exercise, laughter, a sexual sacred existence. A bond with the planet that embodies life and death in the same breath.

For the goal is not personal longevity, is it? The goal is to live a good death. I have only to glance the morning sky to get it. The sliver moon disappears ever so slowly, peacefully giving way to sun's grand entry. It is the art of holy surrender. Like Venus, I slowly, eventually dissolve into nothingness. I will die and become invisible to the earth-bound eye. Until then, I will ignite the flame within and work like there's no tomorrow on behalf of this planet and the beings who call her home.


My latest offering:

Sixty, Sexy, Sacred

Flourishing forties, feisty fifties? You don’t have to be sixty to be a part of this extraordinary day for women. All you have to be is curious, willing to identify the dead zones in your life & explore the realms of your personal spiritual vibrator. Join me for a day of physical and spiritual fitness and teachings as we integrate body and spirit to access a vigor-inspired power of oneness. We will raise vibrational levels through the drum and crystal tuning; talk diet wisdom. We will speak of the soul, intent on her karmic completion before she departs our physical body.

We stand at the spiritual confluence of personal soul and the soul of the planet. It is time to unearth the s/healer within. This, our special time together, to practice the art of obedience, from the Latin word oboedire, meaning ‘to listen, to hear’ and by implication, acting on what is heard.

Bisbee, Arizona, May 14th
Peace be with you,


  1. It's time IX ~ we all must fly, si? Emilie: you are always welcome to my fires! High on your priority list: a fire pit for when I'm gone! With a lid cuz it's so danged windy here! Thank you both for posting.