Montana Wolf

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Blunt Force

Once monthly
at the dark of the moon
the Indian women gathered around the small fire in a teepee.

Within their protective circle 
shawls pulled tightly around their shoulders
the Sisters told their stories
spoke truth of relations
and incidents
divisive in their lives.

Here, the others listened, prayed, offered wise-dom and advice.

One moon.
Two moons.
They listened, prayed, offered wise-dome and advice.

If a Sister appeared on the third moon
with the same problem and complaints
the circle quietly rose
left her to the sound of her voice
and settled elsewhere.


  1. Judy: Nice. Very nice.
    I once went down a mental list and erased all of those friends and acquaintances who weren't even trying. Pull them out of quicksand. They walk back in. Enough. Leave them with the sound of their own voice? Yes.

    1. Thanks Judy. Secondary gains: the attention, etc of what one gleans (and seeks) through a martyr or victim role.