Montana Wolf

Monday, August 27, 2012

My Haggard Promo Gene

Last eve I scanned the sky for nighthawks. Any day now I will look upward and their dramatic dives and winged flight will be gone. Two nights ago there were eight. Last night I counted one. It is a sure sign that seasons are changing, as they move south in search of the insects that sustain them. The auditory world was ruled, instead, by great horned owl.s A family of three called to one another from various directions. I walked to the confluence of their magic and stood still, bathing in their communication.

It was a welcome respite from the recent weeks of indie publishing and book promotion. Promotion has always been a mixed bag. I'm good at book tour and public appearances, but sitting at the computer and contacting the world is gnarly territory for my soul. A long time at the computer screen makes me jittery. Convincing strangers that my book is worthy of their attention is a world I'd rather not enter. My comfort level is pushed as I remind Facebook friends and email acquaintances to PLEASE review my book on Amazon.

This past week I took part in a webinar on marketing online. I also consulted with an e-book promoter. One of the most important things I learned was that after 15 online Amazon reviews the visibility of my book is increased and they will suggest it on different pages. Overall, the short story is I could be spending $1000's of dollars, if I had it, to pay for reviews and services to get my book visibility.

This book has been a grassroots effort. That's my philosophy. I believe in word of mouth and I'll temper that with as much exposure as I can garner. No, I won't be texting you as you walk up a bookstore aisle with a coupon for Drive Me Wild; I won't app a bar code. I held a library reading and signing last week and everyone bought at least two books. That confirmed that the book not only has good curb appeal (the cover attracts) but reading the story captivates the listener.  

So it is I continue into terra incognito. Last week I landed book reviews with two RV Magazines and placed the book with an RV store. This week I'll begin to contact travel venues, online and in the physical world. It's an apt metaphor. Me, between two worlds, forever leaning towards the wild. Hiding out in owl calls.

Great Horned Mom and Owlets


The book is out!  Drive Me Wild: A Western Odyssey ... available from Amazon in paper and Kindle or the download of your choice from Smashwords.  Named Amazon's "Hot New Release" and Top 100 Seller; #4 in Adventure Travel!
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  1. Finished the book and submitted my review on Amazon. Lent my copy to a friend who loved it, too. One step at a time.............
    In the meantime, enjoy the wilds, the owls and await the wolf prints in the snow.

    1. Many thanks and blessings. Yes, a step and a heart at a time.