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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hot Rocks and Womb Talk

I was two days beyond my latest talk, "Wild Encounters: The Sacred and Profane," still coming down from the thrill of a multi-media weaving that worked beyond my "wildest" expectations. When Lee's email arrived I didn't remember her from the day, but she reminded me of where she stood in the book signing line. She asked if I'd like to trade her 2-hour massage, called "The Works," for a private consultation on RV-life. I didn't hesitate. The body was long overdue for pampering.

It began with a foot rub and bath and moved into a full body massage. A sensual feast of touch and soft music combined with hot soaking water, lavender oil and the application of smooth stones, like hot satin ribbons sliding down the flesh. It ended with a rejuvenating facial, before she returned to my arms and hands and continued her magic, loosening the tight cords of sinew.

I always wonder what will rise to the surface when I place myself in deep relaxation; what the subconscious might launch to the surface that I can not ignore. Thus far I'd soaked in every moment Lee offered up, falling into sleep a few times. It was the end, however, that brought the surprise. Lee finished and left the room with an instruction to return slowly to full functioning. I laid still and eventually opened my eyes. Then, without forethought, I took the two still-warm flat stones that she'd placed in my hands and slid them over to my uterus -- with a prayer of thanks -- for all of those months and years she prepared, shed and nested; for the diamond-sharp intuition, the rhythm of the moon within. Tears flowed down my just-facialed face, as I moved those stones sideways to the Fallopian tubes and up to the naval and belly, in a ritual of acknowledgement and good bye.

Warm rock-satin thanks, yes, for a job well done. For the ultimate of mother connection under infinite, ovulatory full moons. For one precious daughter born. For multitudinous creations not of flesh. Now beyond  red and white menses, I am in a different home, ensconced in the wild cycles of the seasonal wheel, the rituals, patterns and vital chaos.

Holy, humble thanks. I grasped the stones and sat upright.

dissolving moon


Lee Hester and Nurturing Bodyworks
She's now offering retreat space that comes with massage.


  1. Oh, Christina. You had me right with you on that table. Thank you!