Montana Wolf

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Menage a Trois

May be it's the new red Moleskine journal and the sexy G2 scarlet pen... the way they mix with the longer days, warmer sun and rise of blood to the flesh. I am poignantly positioned to launch into valentine's day and the season of lust upon me. It's not that I have a lover that will bring me flowers or take me out to a candlelight dinner. No, that's not in the cards today, as I gaze toward the sensuous world beyond my door.

I began the day with my fist sized quartz crystal in hand and the fork tuner. I lit candles, sat in the glow of dawn and struck the tuner to the crystal to release a lucid vibration.

P-I-N-G... I held the sound over my heart and began to pray: May my heart open to...
P-I-N-G... I lift the vibration to my throat, that I might give voice to the unspeakable.
P-I-N-G... to my third eye, that I might see the unseen.
P-I-N-G... to my crown, connection with the cosmos.
P-I-N-G... to my vagina, flow with the elixirs of the earth.
P-I-N-G... to my navel, sacred center.

Stillness. Breath. Beyond this prayer, all is possible. Intentions spoken and body awakened, I am worthy of the wild nature that might offer me moments of togetherness; open a doorway to a glimpse of wisdom heretofore unknown. Yes, I see you.  You see me. The vibrant air, landscape colors and earth under my feet converged that we might meet in a climax of oneness.

Human lovers spawn different rituals of readiness. A flowing black low cut blouse. Glimmering eye shadow. A fresh swipe of the razor upon the leg. A brush to shiny hair. Dangle gemstone earrings that possess a special power. All props on the stage of attraction as tension builds through smiles and tingling touch.

My lovers are of a phenomenal sort. They spark my body in sensuous broadcast. They are the spirits who walk free. Laze on cliff tops. Kettle and lift off in migrations to northern nesting sites. Stride on padded feet through the silent night. At some point the two-legged sort will reappear on the heart-felt landscape and it will be rich and ecstatic -- a wild menage a trois.


  1. We are so in tune -- this fragment wakened me at 4:15

    Until finally
    you are led
    to that inexorable moment,
    the moment when there is
    no more breath,
    the moment that divides
    everything into before
    and after

    1. The universe dwells within your words, Charlene. A fragment to heal the fragmented world. Who can fathom the power as we women come to our senses?

  2. Celeste: I tried to comment on the blog itself, but it would not let me sign in. ....This is beautiful Christina