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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Betwixt and Between: North Cascades to the Salish Sea (Pt. One)

Kulshan and Her Lake this winter.
The PNW (Pacific Northwest) has taken the act of kayaking to magical levels. This gloomy, temperate winter I donned my long underwear and began on small lakes close to home; solo trips on safe bodies of water so as not to pay attention to troublesome tides and ocean currents. It was me and "Sunny" the Equinox kayak getting to know one another.

Past an old growth stump on Baker Lake

Passing canoe on Baker Lake - the only other boat
As the weather warmed I expanded horizons to lakes in the N. Cascade mountains, within forty miles of the house. The largest of these was Baker Lake, a large body of water to the south of her namesake active volcanic mountain, Mt. Baker. Kulshan to the Native Peoples of this area. Most recently I have ventured into Puget Sound, the native-named Salish Sea. These excursions have been with my friend Linda, an experienced "Sound" kayaker, knowledgeable of tides and currents as I begin my straight-up ocean kayak learning curve. Enjoy the gifts of the Salish Sea --


Linda takes the lead - that distant island was our picnic spot

Salish spy - cute and curious

Calliope Hummer - not supposed to be in this area but she had the island to herself - until we got there

Pigeon Guillemots - members of the Alcid family, they only go to land to nest

The rock shore where we lunched. Stunning colors and textures.

The movement of kelp.

Lingcod kayaker - I'd caught them years past off the islands of SE Alaska. They're out of this world delicious. 

Me n Sunny at the entrance to the infamous Deception Pass

Father and son. The scene touched me deeply.


  1. Gorgeous. Exciting. Adventure. Wow. Thanks, Christina! :-)

    1. Thank you so much! Glad you could join me. xoxo