Montana Wolf

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Perched on the cusp of this Scorpio full moon and I can't help but wonder. I read that the symbol for such a moon is a dentist hard at work: deep, difficult and painful, drilling away at decay. This cycle from new moon to full has been THAT. And yet I awakened at 4:00 this morning with ideas for website additions and workshop offerings of a 3-part Soulscape series. I turned on a small light above the bed and joyously scribbled notes. Then came the core of a query letter to my agent on a book I've been pondering. I eventually fell back to sleep and dreamed of laying naked next to a loving man; a sensual sweet scene of touch and talk. I rolled over, gazed into his eyes and said, "Do you know that I dream about you?" Then I woke up.

I'm leaving morass behind as the knot of divorce painstakingly unravels. I prepare for my talk in Taos May 8th on the "Wild Sacred." I smile at outlandish thoughts of hitting the road with my trailer, Alaska-bound, stopping along the way to visit 'sisters' in Montana and British Colombia.

In the midst of trauma one tends to forget that soul creates the conditions through which we need to evolve.

Surfacing, yes; no longer held down by the weight of indecision. I rise from the dead zone into the meadowlark's morning song. I am given a dream of holy, sensual communion with my male side. Hmmmmm, he didn't look like a dentist to me.

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  1. This is a beautiful write, Christina. I am totally in love with your writing, but you already know that.